Stephen Shawcross & Son

Valuations Since 1870

Valuation Pricing
Standard probate valuation - from £200
Our experienced valuer will visit the property to make an assessment and provide a valuation in printed and digital format within 7 days of the assessment completion.
Specialist Valuation - Certain items like jewellery, artwork, valuable coins, rare stamps and other rare items will need a specialist valuer, please get in touch for more information on pricing.
Full Inventory Pricing - If you would like a full itemised list of the contents of a house along with valuations for each item we charge £30 per hour.
Assessments - £70
Pre valuation assessments can determine if a property needs a full valuation. Full valuations requested after assessment will have the fee discounted.
Special Rates - We can offer special rates for multiple valuations provided through solicitors
Examples of fees:
Visiting a small property and making a valuation of the contents including all furniture, valuables and saleable second hand goods from each room. Preparing a written valuation in printed and digital format. Completion of work within a working day - £200

Visiting a location where the executors are unable to attend in person, creating a full itemised inventory and individual valuation that takes 4 hours to complete. Preparing all paperwork and digital formats. All work carried out within one and a half working days - £320